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Who Invented the Lemon Squeezer?

Who Invented the Lemon Squeezer? Do you want to know? Sometimes it’s the simplest of inventions that catches everyone’s eyes and becomes a work of art. Some inventors design things for an aesthetic appeal rather than actual usability. While many people argue that it is against the purpose of inventions, other people say that inventors are artists themselves. After all, it’s their invention, so they get the freedom to choose how to design it.

Who Invented the Lemon Squeezer?

There are many everyday items that we use on a daily basis that are used because of their aesthetic appeal rather than their functions. Consider any home décor items. Whether it be a glass vase or an exotic stone, most décor items have no practical value at all. Then why are they still used?

The answer is quite simple. Most people have some form of attachment for objects that have an artistic appeal. It helps bring out the creativity in people and allows us to think of things that might entertain us. In fact, many works of art have turned into useful inventions. Art inspires creativity, which is the essence of most inventions.

The invention that is discussed below is torn in between being viewed as a work of art or a practical invention. The inventor himself had left this door open for debate. One of the main things that attract many people’s attention nowadays is how popular this invention had become, even though there were more practical solutions.

The Juicy Salif lemon squeezer

One of the most debated inventions in recent times has been the Juicy Salif lemon squeezer. It is one of the very first lemon squeezers and one of the most popular as well. When it was released, it was a sensation amongst the public, even though there were many other designs available. The question is how such a common invention got so much attention?

The answer lies in the depth of human psychology. Most people look at an invention and make their minds about its functioning based on their physical appearance. The same goes for things that we see for the first time. Most people will look at whether it ‘might’ work based on the design features and make their minds up based on their observations.

When you look at the Juicy Salif lemon squeezer, your initial thought will be that it should definitely work. After all, the long legs make it easy to squeeze the lemon juice into a bowl. The shape also looks quite stable. The head of the squeezer is the perfect size to fit any lemon and is similar to that of other lemon squeezers. If you have never used it before, your initial opinion would be that it is a great practical invention.

A work of art?

On the other hand, if you look at the Juicy Salif lemon squeezer, without being told what its function is, then you will consider it to be a décor item. Many people view the lemon squeezer as a work of art because of its unique design. It has thinner legs and a sleek design, which turns a common product into something elegant.

In fact, people cherished it so much that the manufacturers started making a few golds plated designs. They cannot be used for squeezing lemons, but they are quite useful when it comes to displaying them as a work of art. If you show it to a kid nowadays, they may even take it for a toy UFO!

What is a lemon squeezer?

In order to understand why the Juicy Salif became so popular, it is important to look at the general function of a lemon squeezer. A lemon squeezer is a simple tool designed to squeeze the juice out of a lemon. It has a lemon-shaped head that you put the lemon on and turn it around to squeeze the juice out. Many designs also have a filter for separating the pits from the juice.

There are many other lemon squeezer meaning uses as well. You can use it to squeeze the juice out of other fruits such as oranges and grapefruit as well. Many people use it as a general tool for taking the juice out of fruit. The Juicy Salif lemon squeezer works on the same principles.

What is a lemon squeezer exercise?

The simple lemon squeezer has become so popular that it influenced many different circles. You may have heard of the lemon squeezer exercise. You should not confuse it with something to do with a lemon squeezer, although the movement somewhat resembles the lemon squeezer.

It is an exercise where one lays on a mat and lifts their arms and legs upwards. Hold the position for a few seconds and then go back to your original position. This exercise is an advanced form of crunches and one of the most effective exercises. However, it should not be confused with anything to do with a lemon squeezer.

The story behind the Juicy Salif lemon squeezer

If you are still wondering what the juicy Salif is made of that makes it so popular, then you need to know the story behind this lemon squeezer. It is the story of how it was made that interests a lot of people. The inventor, Phillippe Stark was sitting in a restaurant. He ordered some fresh lemons to go with his dish.

While he was waiting for the lemons, he got the idea of a lemon squeezer. What is interesting is that he drew the design of the lemon squeezer on a napkin, which is currently preserved in a museum. The invention became quite popular, even though many people questioned its usefulness. Till today people are questioning whether it was actually an invention or simply a work of art.

Who invented the lemon squeezer

Phillippe Stark lemon squeezer analysis

While some people claim that the Juicy Salif is the best lemon squeezer, this can only be proved through an analysis of how well it functions. You can compare the physical functions with other lemon squeezers in order to get an idea of whether it is useful as an invention or not.


The first issue that people point out is the thinner legs of the lemon squeezer. The question arises of whether they offer enough stability for easy squeezing. However, the manufacturer has added rubber bottoms to the legs so that they don’t slip. The longer legs also allow you to put it over a bowl and squeeze the juice into it. If used properly, this can be an advantage for many people. However, it cannot handle too much pressure either.


The second point that is often raised when it comes to the Juicy Salif is that it can cause a lot of mess. This is actually true if you take the fact that it has no filters for pits into account. You will also get your hands dirty when trying to take the juice out. In this aspect, it is average or less quality than cheaper lemon squeezers.


The next thing that a customer would take into account is the safety of the lemon squeezer. The sharp point is certainly not suitable for younger children, but then it isn’t intended for them either. If you take a little care, then safety should not be an issue.


While the lemon squeezer has fallen behind every other model in terms of practicality, the only thing that is left is the aesthetic appeal. In this, it beats every other lemon juicing machine created. This is why many people claim that the designer’s aim was to create a piece of art rather than a practical machine, However, there are some people who claim that it works just fine for them and they have no issue using it.

What the inventor has to say

The debate around this lemon squeezer revolves around the reason for its design and success. The designer said that it was meant to start conversations. While it has achieved its purpose, there is more to this statement than people may notice.

It shows the importance of creating a unique design, something that customers can cherish and show off. It also shows the power of good marketing that has created an almost useless product into something successful.

However, the main focus of the debate is whether it can be viewed as a piece of art. This is the point that the designer intended to make. People have used it more as an object to play with rather than a juicing machine. If you think more deeply, it shows how a single creative idea can transform an entire market.

To conclude the debate….

While lemon squeezers are no longer popular, the lessons to be learned from this case continue to spark many debates. While there is no doubt that it is an awful lemon squeezer when it comes to practical use, it is still popular because of its artistic appeal. In the end, it shows that the meaning that we attach to things can be more effective than the object itself. Who Invented the Lemon Squeezer? I think you get your answer. Happy reading.

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