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Best Oster Blender Reviews & Buying Guide In 2020

Here Discuss Oster Blender Reviews. Are you looking forward to purchasing a blender either for personal or commercial use? If the answer to this question is yes, then you have the perfect answer. Oster blenders are the best. They come with outstanding features that are tailored to meet your needs.  These blenders are available in the market in various makes. This gives customers the freedom to pick the one which is best for them. In the end, they all enjoy it. Delicious smoothies are realized when prepared by Oster blenders. This article will review a few brands of Oster blenders that are available within your reach.

Oster Pro 1200 Blenders

Oster Pro 1200 blender is one of the best available brands of the Oster blenders. They are well known for the production of high-quality juices. Their usage is boosted by the fact that they can chop and grind a variety of ingredients. Additionally, manufacturing firms offer the best deals. The key offer is the assurance of gadget repair for a period of 10 years.  You are also given a period of 3 years to assess your level of satisfaction and report back. If you are satisfied fully, then that is all. However, if you are dissatisfied, you can launch a complaint. They will respond well.

Features of Oster Pro 1200 Blenders

They come with digital setting technology with different settings. Most of them have seven different settings. Some are manual while and others are remote settings. Three are already preset while the remaining four are adjustable by users. The settings are very important for the working of the blender. They can be adjusted based on your needs and the rate of production. If you want the production to occur faster, it is up to you to fix it. How you fix it determines the end products too.

Blades are set to move in two different directions. They can move in the clockwise direction for some time then you change it. The forward and backward movement is of value to users. It means that the raw materials in the blending jar can be chopped and ground in one direction at a time. Provisions for forwarding and backward chopping ensure quality. All the particles in your drink will be uniform at the end.

Subsequently, they have huge blades. Their blade sizes are about 3.5 inches. Having this blade size is very advantageous. The blades are able to move faster when the machine is connected to a power source. The level of ingredient breakdown turns out to be very high within the shortest time possible. As a result, finer outputs are generated. This is a big boost for those who use them commercially. They are able to attract more people and build a huge customer base.

Features of Oster Pro 1200 Blenders

They come with 1200 watt and 900-watt power options. The two available power options allow for various uses.  Depending on what you are preparing, you can decide which one to use and which one not to use. For instance, the crushing of ice and hard fruits needs high power. On the other hand, crushing vegetables and light fruits are not so demanding. It is then at your discretion to choose what to do.

Each one comes with 6-cup dishwashers. It is necessary to understand that there is the production of heat as the machine operates.  For this reason, they need to be connected with other accessories that can withstand the effect. The 6 cup dishwashers are made to withstand thermal shocks at all costs. Operations are therefore smooth and uninterrupted all through.

Accompaniment with a 10-year warranty is an important aspect. The warranty provides that the selling company still holds the responsibility. If it gets damaged within this period of time, then the company is liable. They will work around the clock to fix the mess. If unable, they are the ones who will hire specialists to do the job. This way, you do not have to worry about uncertainties. You only use it and leave the rest to manufactures.

Extra smoothie cups are also provided. In a nutshell, the gadget comes as a complete package. You do not have to look for other accessories once you acquire them. They are all provided. This offloads you the need to spent more money on trying to obtain the products. You stand better chances of saving more and channeling the funds elsewhere.

Benefits of Oster Pro 1200 Blenders

High Quality Outputs

Their outputs are the best. Every aspect of the gadget promotes the production of superb products. Its users are well satisfied. Those who buy them for the first time will recommend everybody else to do it. If you decide to do it today, be assured that everybody around you will do it.

Faster production

The speed with which production is done is very high. However, it all depends on you. If you want to do it slowly, then there is no problem. But for those who use them commercially, there is always a high demand. For this reason, there is a provision for speed adjustments to suit your needs.

Assured protection when in use

Using this commodity is the best thing that can happen to anybody. This is attributed to the fact that you are completely secure. You have no reason to be worried about damages. When it suddenly happens, you only inform the sellers. They will immediately trace you and fix up the issues free of charge. However, it is prudent to note that this does not last forever. It is only viable for 10 years.

Other accessories are available

Buying a blender alone is not enough. You need other things for full functionality. For instance, you need blending jars, receiving cups, and drinking cups. This may be provided in a few cases. However, most models of blenders do not offer this service. For the case of Oster Pro 1200 Blenders, all this is catered for. You will not make other extra costs after doing the purchase.

Made out of long-lasting materials

Oster Pro 1200 Blenders are very strong. They are made out of materials with high tensile strengths. Such materials do not break easily. They are able to withstand huge forces when at work. This way, they can last for long periods of time. The burden of acquiring a new item is therefore avoided. Customers will be in a position to focus on other issues.


  • There is assured guarantee for repairs and maintenance
  • It is easy to use the gadget.
  • Works faster during production
  • Produces delicious smoothies


  • Blades can easily break down due to prolonged use
  • Cleaning them requires more time

Oster Pro 500 Blender

Apart from the Oster pro-1200 Blender model, there is the Oster pro 500 model. This model is one of the finest to have ever existed. They outshine others due to their unique offers from selling firms. Apart from the 10 year warranty period, there is an extra warranty that is given. This is a satisfaction warranty. It lasts for three good years. It states that, if you are not satisfied with the tool, then you have the right to return it back. A replacement will then be done. This feature promotes confidence on the part of customers. They buy it without thinking about their negative sides if any. Notable features, benefits, and the pros and cons are discussed here.

Features of Oster Pro 500 Blenders

They have smart settings technology. The settings are designed to have 7 different speeds. Some are manual while others are pulse and automatic settings. Of the 7, 3 settings are manual. These are those you can adjust manually. The other 2 are pulse settings while the remaining 2 are automatic. This feature provides room for necessary adjustments during production. You can set it according to your own preference. You are your own master who controls production.

They come with a 10-year guarantee. The guarantor, who in this case is the manufacturer, takes all responsibilities. They are the ones who ensure that repairs are done in cases of breakdown. Customers only have one single task. Their task is to utilize the commodities as far as they can. If they experience anything weird in this course, they notify dealers very faster. They are then located and the problems are fixed immediately.

Furthermore, a 3-year satisfaction guarantee is availed to customers. If you buy it, you will have a long period of time to assess the usefulness of what you have acquired. Within this period, you can decide to make changes. If you are not happy with the work, you can request for change. You will be listened to properly and then a replacement will be affected.

Features of Oster Pro 500 Blenders

The blades are set o move in two directions. They can move forward and backward. However, this occurs once at a time.  At fast, you can decide the crushing and grinding to be done in the usual direction. After this is done, you then set the machine to further do it in the opposite direction. This is a very important feature. This characteristic promotes proper smoothie preparation. Ingredients are properly worked on. The final outputs are super.

Modern soft-touch buttons are there for commands. For any electronic gadget to work well, it must be commanded appropriately. For the case of Oster Pro 500 Blenders, they come with soft-touch buttons. These buttons act as the command center. It has several marked keys. If you want to affect any changes, all you have to do is to touch specific buttons. With this, you do not strain to control your machine at all.

They come with 6 cup glass jars. These glass jars act as the feeding chutes and the blending areas. All the ingredients to be chopped and the ground is placed in these glass jars. A power connection is established well then blending begins. As for blending proceeds, you will be able to see how far it has gone. You can then decide to stop or to proceed with the exercise depending on what you want.

Benefits of Oster Pro 500 Blenders

Yields are of high quality

With the available adjustments in the machine, the products are the finest. If you acquire one, you will always be on it. The urge to enjoy the smoothies will not go away. Any time you are in the house, your thoughts will settle on them. This fact is greatly attributed to the output. Impressive outputs are tempting. You will want to use them every other time so that you can enjoy.

Availability of a satisfaction guarantee

This feature is very interesting. It is meant to promote customer satisfaction even further. It provides for replacement or return of the item even if it is not faulty. If you have bought this blender and later on felt like it is not fit for you, there is no need to worry. All you have to do is to inform the seller. Dealers will then give you all the available options. You will be guided appropriately. In the end, you will not be disappointed.

Repair and maintenance costs are catered for 1o years.

Your basic responsibility is to acquire the commodity. After fulfilling this, you are good to go. The next thing will be to put the item to use. If any unfortunate thing happens as you are using the commodity, you should not be bothered. All you have to do is to inform whoever sold it to you. As a matter of need and urgency, they will respond to your call. They will come over and fix the issue without extra charges.

Lasts for long

When they are properly handled, they are very durable. You can use them for as long as you live. Proper handling means that you clean and dry them after every single use.  Leaving them dirty weakens the different parts. However, if cleaned and dried properly, they tend to maintain initial functionality. This happens for as long as the practice continues. Any slight disruption results in weaker systems. Damages will then be inevitable.

Saves time

A lot of time is saved with their use. If you are that person who is fully committed to your place of work, this is your best choice. Even if you spent the whole day and come home very late, you will still manage to make some juice. It takes very few minutes for it to be ready. All you have to do is to prepare the ingredients and feed them into the blender. All will be done for you within the shortest time possible.

Pros of Oster Pro 500 Blenders

  • Manufacturers meet the repair and maintenance costs for 10 years
  • You can return the product if you are not satisfied within 3 years of use
  • Smoothies realised are of the best quality
  • Saves your time since blending is faster
  • Comes with own accessories eliminating the need to buy others


  • Glass jars can easily break when they accidentally fall down.
  • Soft touch buttons may become insensitive over time.

Final Word

If you really have to buy what satisfies you, this review has given you the most genuine facts about Best Oster Pro Blenders. These blenders are the perfect you can ever get in the market.  You have all the reasons to look for potential dealers and give it a try. If you make this unregretful attempt, that will be the end of the game. At no point in time will you want to look back.  You will get amazingly finer products. On top of these amazing products, you will have all the time to do other activities. Even with this, you will still have many options at hand when you feel otherwise. You can decide to return the product back if you are not satisfied anywhere within a period of 3 years. If you want to Buy the Oster Blender Reviews Then Read This carefully. Happy Reading.

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