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Are you looking for the Ninja Juicer Reviews for your cooking activities with huge power and plenty of features?

Everyone chooses ninja blenders for their extraordinary performance and usability. Especially the designer designed it with so many features, and I can bet you will like these features.

Nowadays, you will find a lot of Ninja blenders with different models in the market. It not only helps you with your choice but also makes you suffer to make the right choice. That is why, before going to buy one, you should have a bit of knowledge about the leading models on the market. This will support you in choosing the right Ninja blender for you.

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Ninja Professional 72 Oz Countertop Blender with 1000-Watt

Ninja Foodi Cold & Hot Cook Blender

Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender with 1200-Watt

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender

Ninja 400-Watt Blender/Food Processor for Frozen Blending

Ninja BN701 Professional Plus Blender with Auto-iQ

What is the difference between a blender and a smoothie maker?

The standard difference between the two is that a healthy smoothie maker is particularly suggested for making smoothies. At the same time, a blender can be utilized to make lots of various other things besides a smoothie. Before purchasing a kitchen area appliance, it is essential to recognize all the feasible differences to make notified decisions.

Important features

Now let me show you the essential features of various Ninja blenders so that you can choose your best blender.

Long-Lasting Durability

The extreme durability of the Ninja blenders makes them so popular. Selecting any of them allows you to use it for several years. Only a little maintenance will provide you the satisfaction of using them in their top form. 

To Embrace Versatility

Extreme Versatility is another important feature of the Ninja professional blenders. You will find a huge number of settings to prepare your favorite dishes. These blenders simply allow you to press a button and get your favorite dish ready. The blender does its work correctly so that you don’t have to do anything.

Most of the range models from the top have the feature to pre-program. This pre-program feature helps you with your special blending recipe as a bonus. Only in a few seconds, you can set the program for the desired duration and power, and the blender will save it for future use.

If you are an expert in using blenders, you may use it for all your cooking activities. Some people may only use them for producing nutritious and delicious smoothies, but you can also easily use them for blending soups, crushing ice, and even whisking ice cream. 

 Goes the distance

At the very first glance, you will find the quality in these Ninja blenders. The manufacturer has made each model with top quality materials, like long-lasting jugs, to have thick blades of stainless steel. And for these reasons, investing in a Ninja blender will be a wise and excellent decision for anyone who simply likes to pass a lot of busy time in the kitchen.

You will also get along a reasonable and comprehensive warranty with each model. And people commend Ninja for its excellent reputation and customer service, and anyone can easily contact the team. If you encounter any kind of problem with the parts of your blender for any reason, you can surely get the fixation or replacement without any delay.


The motor of every Ninja blender is very powerful, and it starts from 1000 Watts. With the powerful motor comes the patented stacked blades, and these blades can grind any vegetables or fruits to a great extent. In every model, all These components are BPA free and especially dishwasher safe Design. 

You will find more than 20 different models of Ninja blenders in the market. Most of them are available in an especially portable design. And the other designs are sturdy kitchen companions.

The top 8 Ninja Juicer Reviews and buying guide

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base

If you are not an expert cooker, especially not good with machines, you must want an easy to use a blender. You may not want a blender with huge features to do your job. But you must want a powerful one which can serve your purpose.

Killing two birds with one stone….

Do you want a sturdy and strong blender for you? If yes, then it will be the right choice. You can depend on the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender with 1100-Watt Base for doing your job. The model is easy to use, specially made for novice users, to have an excellent blend.

And from the name, you can certainly know that it has an 1100-Watt powerful motor. This motor is powerful enough to make your smoothies creamy and rich without the need to add a lot of water. If you like frozen drinks than most others, you will get the chance to add tons of ice to your drinks.

Be ready for smoothies ………

With this package, you will also get two 16 ounces patented Nutri Ninja Cups. Both of the cups have a Go-To Lids feature. That seals the juice in tight. This feature will help you with a couple of cups of delicious smoothies to make your day.


  • BPA free parts and dishwasher safe
  • Having single-serve cups
  • Especially sturdy Design
  • Featured with very sharp and strong blades.
  • Easy to use.
  • Nutri Ninja Auto iQ


  • Sometimes the lid may be a little bulky
  • It makes a bit of noise

Final Verdict: However, you have to take extra care of the blades so that they may not get locked into the blender mug. These specially made blades are too sharp. They can easily slice through the ice, tough vegetables, or frozen fruits. Avoid dishwashing them will be better for both of you and them. Always be careful at the cleaning time.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender

Are you worried about your kitchen space? Do you want to make the best use of what you have? Then choosing the Ninja Mega kitchen system will give you the chance to have a food processor and a blender at once. Both of them are essential for your kitchen.

Making the clever choice…….

If you choose this Ninja Mega kitchen system, you can easily do dicing, slicing, mixing, and blending. Moreover, you can easily make cookie dough, cake batter and can also beat egg whites with this model. You can have the enjoyment of having a food processor and a blender in a single piece and, of course, within a little space.

The jug is durable, and you can easily use it in high temperatures up to 180°F, which allows you to make purees and smooth soups. You will also be delighted to know that you can use this model easily to make smooth, thick, and special creamy ice cream.

A little bit louder

Like all the other machines in this class, the model is also far from silent. You may not want to use it if your baby is sleeping. However, I think it is a minimal price you have to pay for the efficiency and power you are going to get. 


  • Very powerful 1500-Watt motor.
  • Extremely sharp blades set.
  • Get a lifetime warranty.
  • Can use it as a food processor.
  • With retractable cord.
  • Ninja Auto Iq System


  • The model is a bit noisy.
  • No entry hole on the top.

Final verdict: If the things mentioned above are not enough for you, then I am going to tell you the most surprising feature of this model. You will get an unlimited lifetime warranty with this model. This means you can always meet your food processing and blending needs. So be sure not to worry about hard vegetables, frozen fruits, or large ice cubes.

Nutri Ninja Blender with FreshVac Technology

If you want an easy and quick way to make nutritious and delicious smoothies, you are having a juice diet, or you like to take fresh juices and smoothies with you. Then you should think about this model.

The improved travel companion……

Moreover, if you are clingy about compact models and want a portable one, then you must choose this FreshVac special. It helps both the ways to keep your drinks fresh and give you extra time. You can make the drinks at night and enjoy them fresh on your breakfast.

For those health-conscious people, FreshVac Technology is a loveable one. This innovative tech helps to preserve the minerals and vitamins of your vegetables and fruits. And the strong blades will easily chop and blend any type of vegetables or fruits.

best smoothie blender

The most stunning feature of this model is the Auto-IQ option. This feature gives you the opportunities to unique time pulsing, pausing patterns, and blending options whatever you want to do. You can easily program the blender with your favorite recipes. And later, when you want to make that one, you need just to press a button.


  • Outstandingly stylish and sleek
  • Innovative Auto-IQ Tech installed
  • Especially Design to be portable
  • Dishwasher safe BPA free components
  • 1100-Watts powerful motor


  • Unlike others, don’t have a touchscreen display.

Final verdict: This Nutri Ninja Blender with FreshVac Technology is the best model. You can easily make great smoothies with this model. Furthermore, you can easily use it in your office or home and carry it with you for its portability. It will save both your money and your health.

Ninja Smart Screen Duo Technology in Black

Are you a smoothie lover? If yes, then you probably know the pain to have consumed your drinks so quickly. Fresh juices and smoothies last only a few hours to their best before getting rotten. It happens for the added Oxygen the blender adds during blending.

Fresh fruits….

Whatever, I will tell you about the Ninja Smart Screen Duo Technology in Black. It has changed that all. You will get a FreshVac pump with this model. This FreshVac removes the extra Oxygen from blending. So, you can have your fresh smoothies for up to 72 hours.

It will help you to take your juices and smoothies with you on any journey, packed in the provided special cups with the model. You will get two 20oz cups with this model having the tight lid seals. If you are going on a trip, these will help you a lot. 

The perfect solution…

The model has an easy to use touchscreen control. This touchscreen control helps you with your blending experiences to become a wonderful one. You will also find that the 6-stacked specially made blades can crush any frozen ingredients as well as ice in not more than a minute. This model is easy to use with the various options to make a perfect selection for your better blending experience.


  • Consists of 7 preset Auto-iQ options.
  • Very powerful 1400-watts delivery
  • A large touchscreen.
  • Oxygen removing FreshVac pump
  • Two 20oz cups with lids
  • Extractor Blade
  • powerful blender


Takes a bit more space than other models

Final verdict: This model is also coming with a lot of useful accessories. If you are not too clingy with your space, then these little bit bulky accessories will not bother you at all. Of course, who else is going to give you this lot of impressive attachments with less space? So, it is worth allocating the model. 

Ninja Smart Screen Blender and Food Processor

Do you need a huge power to do your chores? A typical blender generally makes smoothies and blended dishes. Besides that, on the other hand, the Ninja Smart Screen Blender and Food Processor with FreshVac Technology can do a lot more things for you.

This model has a mighty motor that provides power up to 1400-watts. As well as you will get different types of attachments with this. The special touch screen control will help you to keep track of the functions quickly and make the exact selection of choice. 

Slice and dice…

It also has a special slicing disc. The disc has given the opportunities of a food processor to the blender. These special blades are always ready to help you with food processing. You only need to screw the attachment in place to get started with your food processor.

The FreshVac technology removes the extra Oxygen from blending. So, you can have your fresh smoothies last longer. And to preserve that smoothie you will get a 72oz FreshVac pitcher with a single-serve FreshVac cup. It will give you the unique opportunity to carry your smoothies with you on the go.


  • Food processing shredding/slicing disc
  • Provides 1400-Watts of power
  • Nine sets of Auto iQ programs
  • Consists of 72oz FreshVac pitcher
  • A single FreshVac Cup is provided
  • BPA Free Plastic


  • All the blades are not equally strong.

Final verdict: If you are one of the persons who love to do experiments in the kitchen, then you will certainly love this model. You will get the model with nine special settings. These settings will help you to make a host of dishes very easily. If you are not an advanced user, then with a bit of practice, you can virtually do anything with the Ninja Smart Screen Blender and Food Processor with FreshVac Technology.

Ninja Chef Countertop Blender with 1500-Watt Auto-iQ Base

Do you want a blender to serve versatile purposes, or do you like to stay busy in the kitchen? If yes, then you will be really happy to know that this Ninja Chef Countertop Blender with 1500-Watt Auto-iQ Base has versatile features. That is why it can serve different purposes having the qualities of a complete wide range of tasks.

This model comes with a very powerful motor providing 1500-Watts while the Design is very sturdy. Ice crushing or blending frozen drinks will be like a play to this Ninja blender. The robust of this blender is strong enough to pulverize grains while turning them into flour.

Catching the program…

You will get 10 sets of preset programs with this Ninja Chef Countertop Blender with 1500-Watt Auto-iQ Base one. You can easily pulse, pause, and blend in different ways as you want. You can also enjoy pure control by adapting the programs with features to meet your specific needs. 

If you need puree and you generally bought them from the store, now you can say goodbye to that. With the Ninja Chef Countertop Blender with 1500-Watt Auto-iQ Base, you can instantly make silky smooth puree without any hassle.


  • 10 preset Auto-iQ programs.
  • Being able to deliver 1500-Watts.
  • Featured with special temper.
  • A touch screen display.
  • Al the parts are dishwasher safe and BPA free.


  • Pretty noisy compared to others.
  • Doesn’t have a pouring spout.

Final verdict:  If you are in love with thick smoothies, then you must certainly fell for the special temper that comes with this model. The temper enables you to run the blender without stopping by bursting air pockets around the blades. However, you have to take extra care while pouring for the lack of spout.

Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender

Are you a novice or searching for help to make your smoothies? Then, you might love this Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender because they come with Auto-IQ technology.

Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender with 1200-Watt Auto-iQ Base has Ninja’s latest auto-iQ tech. This tech is special, and you only need to push a button that will start a preset program, and you can easily select from numerous options like blending, pureeing, pulsing, or ultra-blending.


  • Comes with a 72oz pitcher.
  • Ninja patented Auto-IQ Tech installed.
  • Three cups with lids will be a bonus.
  • Featured with different speed options.
  • Can deliver up to 1200-Watts of power.


  • The warranty is not much impressive, unlike others.

Final verdict:  You can choose the speed also from a different set of speed options. And this option is more helpful when you are new to these machines and want to do your works manually. The low speed may be powerful, but the high speed will provide you a real force. These speed options are just a bit handy in the Nutri Ninja Personal and Countertop Blender with 1200-Watt Auto-iQ Base.

Ninja BL456 Blenders – Countertop 24oz

Do you want a portable blender with a lot of power? The Ninja BL456 Blender – countertop 24oz is the portable one with the power of 900-watts. And it may not be the most powerful model, but it will serve your purpose very skillfully for juices and smoothies.  

The perfect smoothie maker…

Simplicity is the most outstanding feature of this model. All you have to do is just put fruits or vegetables on the 24oz jug and press the button. As a result, you will get a perfectly blended rich and creamy smoothie.  

You will also get a special lid for the jug, which will turn the jug into a durable smoothie container. And this special container will keep your juices and smoothies fresh for a long time and provides you the chance to take fresh juice with you anywhere anytime.

 Oxygen fewer smoothies mean they stay fresh for long hours….

Like the other Ninja models, this model also carries the Oxygen removing technology. Even if you make your smoothies at night, you will get them fresh in the morning. So, it is an ideal one for those who have to go to work early in the morning.


  • Easy to use (cleaning, setting up).
  • The blender cups are long-lasting.
  • Special lids, sip-and-seal.
  • Efficient and quick worker.
  • A sturdy and simple design.
  • Stainless Steel Blade
  • Use for smart blending


  • Basic One Year Warranty.

Final verdict:  All the parts of this model are durable for a long time as they made the parts especially. If you handle your machine with a little care, you can use it for a long time. But, unfortunately, the Ninja brand didn’t provide an extended warranty like the other models for this Ninja BL456 Blenders – Countertop 24oz.

Things to look to pick the right one.

For purchasing the best blender, you need to research the Ninja Professional Blenders. To meet your versatile needs, you should buy one with numerous features. While purchasing, please consider the following as your priority:

  • Power
  • Blending speed
  • Blending Cup
  • Easy to use
  • Most of all Price

Then, consider the purposes of buying it. If you want the highest quality, they may be a little bit expensive.

If you want to process food with your blender as well as making smoothies with it, then you must choose a multifunctional blender for you so that you can use it for various purposes.

Style and Design – the best Design may save your space. Some designs may take a bit of space. Choose carefully the best one for you.

And, some high-quality blenders have the feature to heat functionally, some have different speed limits. So, before you buy one you must go through the ninja blenders reviews very carefully.

FAQs About Ninja Blenders

What are Blenders?

Blender is a very useful kitchen appliance you can use to puree, mix, and emulsify food or other substances. It consists of a jar or a jug with rotatable blades run by a motor at the bottom. People mainly use blenders for-

  1. Grinding spices
  2. Blend and mix ingredients.
  3. Making purees from vegetables or meat
  4. Liquify solids
  5. Crushing Ice

What is Ninja Blender?

Ninja is the pioneer brand among those who produce household appliances. It is a very famous product from Euro-Pro and Mark Rosenzweig. People all over the world like Ninja products for easy use and competitive price, most of all accessibility to all kinds of people.

If you have a Ninja blender, you can make smoothies, blend spices, or process foods effortlessly. It is easy to chop, grind, minces, and combine different ingredients with its help.

Which Ninja is the best?

All Ninja products are patented and have a warranty to give you the best service. So, you can buy any of the Ninja products that you need.

What can the Ninja Blender do?

A Ninja blender is a highly powerful device that you can use for ice crushing, pureeing, mixing, and grinding spices. It has a smooth design with excellent efficiency. You can surely rely on the product for your kitchen.

Which blender is the best to buy?

If you are looking for a powerful but cheap one, I’ll suggest the Basic Ninja blender because this product has excellent reviews from users. And if you are going to buy, never forget to compare and contrast the models to make the right decision. They are available in different sizes, shapes, and obviously various features.

What is the exceptional ninja blender for smoothies?

Countertop Blender (48oz), Ninja Personal Blender (6oz), and Food Processor (940oz) 550-Watt Base available with Grating / Shredding / Slicing Attachments (BL-201) is smoothie’s blender.

Are Ninja blenders dangerous?

No, Of course, Ninja blenders are not dangerous. You can use one without any doubt.

What is the highest ninja blender to buy?

Ninja Nutri BL455 Professional Personal Blender and SharkNinja BL770 Mega Kitchen System is perfect to buy.

What is the most potent ninja blender?

Ninja Mega Kitchen System is the most potent ninja blender.

Which ninja blender is the best?

There are many  Types Of Juicers in the Market. According to the 2019 rating Ninja Professional Blender (BL-660) is the best.


Now, if you ask me which one is the best blender among them, I will tell you to categorize your needs first. Especially consider available space in your kitchen, your basic needs, and your machine handling level. Most of the models have the same components as the Ninja patent.

But while you are talking about Versatility with gigantic power…

The Ninja Smart Screen Blender and Food Processor with FreshVac Technology will be the best one. As it is easy to use with pre-programmed functions and have the Versatility to use as a food processor and create different dishes according to the Ninja blender guide. You Can easily use it for making a delicious drink, plenty of juice use for blenders for juicing. healthy juice and many more.

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