Ninja Blender for Juicing

Ninja Blender for Juicing: The next level experience

Ninja Blenders for Juicing: The next level experience.

Are you looking for such blenders that can also be used for Juicer? If so, then you have come to the right place to get your questions answered. You will have an ongoing knowledge about blenders that can also be used for making juice after reading this. We have answered a few important questions about the topic in the following article and also reviewed the best Ninja blender for juicing. So, please continue reading this to know more.

Why I need at-home Blending?

First of all, we all want to be in a perfect body shape. We try gym, balanced diet, daily workout, some yoga and so on. To have enough energy for working out for a long time, who often go to shops for store-made smoothies and that costs too much money.

So, if you can have an option to spent less and get your smoothie at home, then nothing can be better than that.

To do so, I researched some blenders to know if they can be used for making juice or smoothies. Guess what, I found some Ninja Blenders that can produce great juices or smoothies as well as blending.

So I am going to share my experience before you and hope that you will be helped buy this and save lot of money.

This guide is going to help you learn how to use your blender for juice in just a few easy steps. It will also make you know about the best Ninja Blenders for juicing. So let’s discuss the whole procedure.

Difference between Juicing and Blending

Almost every person who want to purchase a blender or a juicer, has this question that, which is better juicing or blending? Or, what is the difference between these two? In fact the nutritionist are also bombarded with this question. We’re coming to this.

Actually the two methods of crushing are totally different. A juicer and a blender follows different ways to make the final product.

Process of Blending

You will see the blender to use one of the easiest ways to process fruit and veggies. All you need to do is put your all ingredients into the blender and allow the blades to handle the rest. You will get a thicker, heavier product that is rich in fiber. The fiber comes from both your fruit and veggies. The main thing is, a blender does not filter out anything while blending. So you can put your final product into a big bowl and you could use a cheesecloth or a nut milk bag too, which would likely be easier to squeeze the juice out of.

There is a major downside also. A blender produces heat so that the final product you get can be provided with fewer critical nutrients in a regular blended mixture because the procedure of blending is done by rapidly spinning blades that creates fiction that is transferred to the ingredients while they are combined.

Process of Juicing

A juicer produces minimum amount of friction as a result, you get more nutrients that remain safe in a fresh juice blend.

The inside mechanism of a juicer actually pressurises the product and filter out the pulp from fruit and veggies and produces a thinner and easier liquid to drink. You can use your juicer to make smoothies that can be served as frozen drink and also other healthy foods at home.

Proper juicing is always a slow process. You also have to cut up your fruit and veggies into small pieces and get themselves peeled before you put them into the juicer.

However, you will face no problems with your blender to make juices and smoothies as well and they are faster then a juicer to produce your final product.

Why can a Ninja Blender be used for Juicing?

First of all, to understand that all kinds of blenders cannot be used like juicers. There are few that work like a pro. Some of them produce a great final result. Some Ninja Blenders are also on that list that can be used for both blender and juicer. Their features are enough capable of juicing without much trouble. Let’s know about the basic things that the Ninja Blender has to produce juice as well as blends.

Powerful Motors, Durable Blades & Customisable Speed Settings

  • The brand always tries to provide better quality Motors to their blenders. These Ninja Blenders are made of quote stronger and durable motors so that, they can provide a good amount of power. They use around 700 watts, which can blend up all types of fruits and veggies.
  • If you are not satisfied with 700 watts, then you can go for some of the Ninja Blender that are featured with up to 1000 watt motors which can generate enough power to process every fruit & nut and vegetable or any other ingredients. These are first as well.
  • The “Aircraft-Grade” steel made blades are something to increase the reputation of The Ninja Blenders. These are highly durable and can blend all types of products easily. No matter how fast your bending for how long you are using them, they will provide you better and better result till the end. Even they play a crucial role in their juicing capabilities. The Ninja’s blades effectively tear into fruits with minimal effort that allows more juice to pour out before the pulp’s structure is compromised. You don’t have to compromise with your juice quality. Because it will generate enough power to make your final result as you want.
  • You will be in need of variety of speed settings if you are making juice. We see standard blenders to come with one or two speed settings. This is fine if your landing something. But in terms of making juice, you will not love to have only one or two speed settings. These Ninja Blenders come with more speed settings then a standard blender has.

This allows you to customise your speed while you are making your smoothie or juice. You can go with a faster or a lower speed. It’s lower speed settings helps more juice to be prized out then at high speeds. There are multiple speed settings install out of the box helps you making all kind of liquid you want to make at your home.

Now let’s look at the best Ninja Blenders with their important features for juicing.

Which Ninja Blender is best for Juicing?

According to your budget you will find a lot of options. In terms of juicing with a blender, Ninja comes with several options with several prices. Based on their key features, the works differently as well. It is to be said that, neither of them are perfect for juicing but they won’t disappoint you as well. Several models can complete the task well, you just need to find the best one based on your budget.

However, let’s go and search for the best Ninja Blender for Juicing.

Ninja BL480

This blender comes with great durability and a 1000 watt motor. That can generate enough power to extract juice from even the densest fruit entirely.

The Ninja BL480 costs only $80 so that it is one of the most budget friendly blender that can be also used as a Juicer. It’s a reliable entry-level blender cum juicer.

Though it doesn’t cost more, it comes with a standard size blending jar with both an 18 oz. and 24 oz. These small jars are perfect for making a standard glass of juice after you have filtered out the pulp. A user guide comes packaged with it so, you can find new recipes and ways of making juices reading it.

It also comes with lighter weight and easy to lift in and out of a cabinet. So you can go for the Ninja BL480 and enjoy your juicing experience. You can buy it from Amazon or any other online stores. A link is given below so that you can purchase easily from there.

Ninja Duo w/Micro-Juice Technology

This particular blender is one of the best choices for the purchasers because of it’s duo technology. It features the next level juicing experience.

The Micro-Juice technology uses macro filtration so that it ensures that you you get as much juice is extracted per pass as possible. An internal vacuum is created by this feature during and after the blend. This results the long time freshness of year final liquid.

You are getting 7 pre-programmed operation settings in this model. You can make smoothie, puree, ice cream, juice, shakes, and so on. But in terms of juicing, it performs the best.

The Ninja Duo has an interesting feature of moderating it’s speed to take the pulps on the top. This helps you to filter out the parts easily and get thinner juice.

Those who experienced this particular blender has no complains at all. They are satisfied with the performance of this juicer come blender. It requires less pre cutting which also allows users to save time while making a few glasses of flavourful juice.

It costs around $100 on Amazon. You can also buy it clicking the link below.

How to use a Ninja Blender as a Juicer?

Well, before using this as a juicer you need to know well about the procedure to have better results. It is very easy to learn about using your Ninja to juice fruits and veggies. All you need to do is just to follow the steps and it will be able to make at home smoothies and juice in no time.

Follow these Steps

Step-1: Select Perfect Ingredients

Please don’t hesitate to select your choices because you are using one of the best blenders found on the market. You will need to pick up those items that you want to include in your juice. You should not be limited in your choices and can put all your favourite fruits and veggies to enjoy your favourite juice.

Step-2: Get your ingredients prepared

Once you have selected your ingredients, you will need to peel them off and cut down into small pieces. You should not put them without peeling them off or cutting down.

Small pieces will ensure you better and thinner juice.

You should add some liquid into it to get better result. It will help you getting more thinner and fresh juice and it will be easy to separate the pulp from the mixture. You should not cross the limit while putting your prepared ingredients.

Step-3: Start blending and maintain the speed

Once you have completed first two steps, then put the Ninja’s lid tightly and place the entire prepared jar onto the blender base. Once you are done doing this, you can start blending.

First of all, if your blender is included with a juicing setting, then use it first. If not, then go with the natural procedure. Use variations of speed to make your juice better. Fast go with a much slower speed, then increase it gradually. You should not go with faster speed at the starting. Minimum amount of speed will mix and crush the produce well and help the pulp rising on top.

After a while, you get it thicker mixture that is to be filtered well before drinking.

Step-4: Filter your juice

You need to get a  fine mesh food grade sieve first. Then place it over a pitcher or another jar. Get your mixture onto the sieve and use a spatula to push down and separate the liquid from the mixture.

Repeat the process until your mixture is finished. Finally you will get a refreshing, thinner and tasty glass of juice.

Tips for you

I’ve been using these Ninja benders for a very long time to make juices, smoothies, and so on. Using my experience, I am giving in some tips that you can use in your daily juicing experience.

  • People often think that, green leafy vegetables are always bitter and tastes horrible. But they are completely wrong. Green leafy veggies are not that better when they are blended well. You can use them while juicing your favourite fruit, and I am sure that it will rather taste mellow.
  • Add one or a half cup of water into your juice. Trust me, it will go a long way. The little water you added into your juice will result better smoothness. Also try coconut water if you want a little more flavour into the mixture.
  • You can add some sugar into your juice, it will taste better. Watermelon, papaya, cucumbers and celery are full of water by nature. If you are using this fruits into your mixture, then you might not be needed of adding water or sugar into that.

Frequently Asked Questions for using the Ninja as a Juicer

Can I use a Ninja blender for Juicing?

Yes. You can use a Ninja for juicing as well as blending. Many users have innovative ways to use a blender as a juicer. You just need to go with the procedure mentioned above.

After you have completed blending, you just need to suck out the liquid from the mixture and filter the pulp out manually.

Is the Ninja better than a Juicer?

The answer will vary from person to person. In my opinion, I will say a it works slightly better than a juicer in terms of choices.

If you are going to make smoothies and thinner juice, then you must go for a typical juicer. But if you are looking for some thick, heavier drink with fibres added, then a Ninja is going to perform the best.

So it depends upon your choice. If you want to make both smoothies and juices and also so want to have blended your ingredients, then I will suggest you a Ninja juicer cum bender.

Is the Nutri Ninja a juicer?

The Nutri Ninja is designed like a typical juicer but it’s really a personal blender. However it can still make homemade juice and smoothies to satisfy your tastes.

Adding a little extra water to your blend will result in juices. You just need to filter out the pulp manually and get your drink.

Can I make orange juice in Ninja?

Well Yes. You can easily make orange juice in a Ninja blender. All you need to do is just peel it and separate the sections of the orange and put them into the jar.

Make sure that you add a little water into it. Use variations of speed and finally filter the pulp out with a spatula or something else.

You will easily get your oranges juice.

Final Words

The guidance above was about a typical blender that can be used as a juicer and also fulfill your daily juicing experience. All you need to do is just give a little extra effort and it results much better because you are having a blender and a juicer on the same product.

To be honest, these Ninja Blenders are supposed to be best among all found on the market. So I will suggest you, to go with these next-level upgraded blenders.

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