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Mini Juicer – Best Choice

Juicing is the healthiest and easiest way of consuming fruits and vegetables. It is the best way to boost the human intake of essentials like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. However, it should not replace the eating of wholesome food and fiber-rich foods.
Mini Juicers appliances are the smallest units in the kitchen that are used for blending and grinding of fruits or vegetables, or extract juice from fruits and or vegetables. They are the best because most of them are affordable.



Mini juicers are just but mini versions of big juicers and they are the most important units in your kitchen especially for simple and light blending or grinding of fruits or and vegetables. If you are looking for units of juicers to use during your breakfast or when you want to refresh yourself after a long and tiresome day after work, the small juicers are the best.

Examples of Mini Juices and their Features

Calm Do Portable Juicer Machine 

Main feature

Calm Do is a masticating juicer, mini juice extractor with its main purpose being extraction of juice from fruits.

The unit has powerful features that make it unique in its work, one of it being the auger system that grinds slowly. This slow grinding system, therefore, does not break nutrient-rich enzymes in juice in juice breakdown.

This system ensures the maximization of the entire breakdown of fruits, minimizing the amount of waste produced during grins. This allows you to produce more juice than waste materials.

The slow speed generates low or no heat at all, which allows you to extract pure juice without foam.

The automatic the reverse feature prevents the blockage of the machine. It reverses itself to let us say four seconds or fewer than it stops when it is overloaded. You just need to double click to restart it again and it will continue grinding.

The mini juicer machine is the easiest unit in the kitchen to clean as you rinse it directly with water and a brush to breeze it clean.

If you are looking for the smallest juice or mini juicer extractor, then there is no cause for alarm, purchase Calm Do. The machine is portable, cheap, and easy to maintain.

Breville BJE200XL–Smallest Juicer Extractor plus Stainless Steel Juicer Machine

Main feature

Breville is the best overall smallest juicer or mini juicer extractor unit with a quick rotating speed of up to 1400 RPM (Revolutions per Minute) for maximum juice extraction.

The stainless-steel cutting disc fitted with a micro-mesh filter enhances high-speed juice extraction. This allows you to extract up to 40% more vitamins from the fruits.

The larger 3-inch feeding tube on the upper side allows large fruits to fit into. This eases for you the work of cutting large pieces into smaller before grinding them.

With a huge amount of fruits it grinds in just one round, a lot of juice is extracted. It's a collection container that can hold juice up to 1.6 quarts of pulps and a separate place to hold waste, hence enhancing hygiene in your kitchen.

The powerful motor generates high speed with a lot of heat. This lowers nutrients-content of juice and a lot of foam is formed. However, a froth separator will always ensure that a lot of juice is poured into a glass than froth.

Its speed allows you to maximize one large number of fruits and vegetables within a short time,. This is the best small juicer or mini juicer you will need.

Kuvings B6000S- Best Small Juicer plus Mini Juice Extractor

Main feature

B600S is one of the best small juicers in the market with a longer shelf life. The juicer has a slower speed of 60 RPM, this makes the best masticating machine. This feature allows the unit to produce nutritious juice without froth.

The powerful 240-watt-motor enables the machine to crush tough and fibrous fruits despite its slower speed. So it allows you to produce the best juice ever without froth.

The machine is constructed using a Tritan ABS which a PC premium design is making it heavier than the other small juicers.

Cuisinart CCJ-500- Compact Juicer plus Cheap Juicer

Main feature

Cuisinart a compact juicer is a portable unit that measures 6.8 by 9.9 by 12.2 inches and weighs 4 pounds.

The compact the juicer is unique as its operation is neither centrifugal nor a masticating juicer, it has a rotating juicing cone on the upper part. The cone is fitted with an adjustable reamer that controls juices, pulp content to either have low, medium, or high pulps.

Cuisinart CCJ-500 is a cheap juicer and well affordable, therefore you get what you paid for. However, the unit is designed only for citrus fruits disadvantaging the other fruits and vegetables. Despite that limitation, Cuisinart has other impressive features like auto-reversing. This rotates the cone in one direction only by just a single press, this direction is reversed when you press another citrus fruit.

With a spin feature-complete squeezing off any remaining fruit that accumulates on the pulp is well used.

The stainless steel and dishwasher renewable parts of Cuisinart

Gourmia GJ750 Portable Juicer plus Small Juicer

Main feature

Gourmia GJ750 is a smaller-2 speed centrifugal juicer.

Measures 10 by 8 by 15.2 with a weight of 8 pounds.

This is a portable juicer unit and you can easily move around with no stress. The GJ750 is a versatile juicer you can soften fruits like tomatoes and tough veggies like carrots into juice at low and high speed, respectively.

This stainless-steel cutting blade minces the fruit into a pulp and a micro-mesh separating the juice from the pulp. It's 850-wat-motor mini juice extractor that powers the unit and ensures that the work is completed with little ado. You just need to make a simple dial to control soft and hard fruit extraction. The settings are labeled as 1 and 2 for both soft and tough fruits, respectively.

The machine is friendly, cheap and easy to control

Juicer Aicok Centrifugal–Mini Juicer plus Mini Juice Machine

Main features

Aicok juice extractor is a professional juicer with high yield juice capacity and less foaming for both hard and soft fruits and vegetables.

The juicer is easy to operate.

Design with 65mm largemouth to allow who apple to fit and possibly a handful of kales or and vegetables.

The 400-watts-motor strengthens it to grind hard fruits and vegetables

Stainless steel blade and mesh filter allows you to extract up to 30% pure vitamins effectively

The juicer is easy to install and clean; it is fitted with a brush for cleaning.

Elehot Juicer Machine- Mini Juicer 

Main features 

Elehot juicer is a durable, powerful, and effective juice extractor fitted with 800w motor. It has dual speed modes for low speed 8000 RPM for grinding soft fruits/vegetables and high speed of 12000 RPM hard fruits and vegetables.

Easy to clean with non-removable parts, friendly design with a cleaning brush attached.

Has an offload protection system to prevent the shutting of the motor due to overheating.

The juicer last long and very effective with a motor power of 800W.

Anti-drip juice outlet with safety locking clamp which makes sure the cover is on while operating.

What to consider while buying small juicers

It is good to have appliances in your kitchen affordable in terms of price and are portable. Also it is good if those units have dishwasher-safe removable parts which make it easy to wash, hence cheap to maintain. Sometimes appliances with a lot of noise cause nuisance, thus disturbing the peace, therefore units with little noise are good.


According to what we have gone there up there, working with small juices in your kitchen is good and it serves a greater purpose like the big juices despite their minimal features. When you have a smaller task to do in your kitchen, let us say you are grinding juice for refreshments it is good that you use small juicers.

With that in mind most of the small juicers have everything in one hence ease the work and improves hygiene in your kitchen. An example of this being Breville BJE200XL.

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