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The lemon juice extractor is one of the most important ingredients in the kitchen after salt and paper. Its juice is the best invigorating and the best component you will need in the making of cocktails.

Our bodies require lemon juice extractor so that our immune system improves strength to curb diseases. You can extract lemon juice using various ways like you can use your hands. But if you want the fastest and surest way use lemon juicers. Below are some of the affordable lemon juicers.

Citrus Squeezer: Juice and Extractor

It is a manual type of juice extractor that only requires your hands to complete the juicing process.

Feature and how it works

Slice the lemon into halves; the work here is spontaneous.
Place the fruit into the unit. Hold the levers with your hands and press them towards each other; the protruding part of the juicer in the form of a dome shape squeezes the lemon against the well.
The holes on the walls of the well of the juicer allow the juice to pass through as seeds and pulp remain. This is awesome. This is so easy and you should be well aware.

Handheld Citrus Reamer: Lemon Juice and Extractor

This is the manual type of juice extractor and does not require a lot of mechanisms to work with. The maintenance of this machine is cheap and easy and well affordable.

Feature and how it works

Design with spike conical shape on one end and a cylindrical handle on the other. This is the simplest and easiest tool to use when you want to extract the juice. To start with slice the lemon in two halves.

Hold the lemon juice extractor on one hand and the reamer on the other. Pierce the flesh of the lemon.

Rotate the ream as you continue pressing at an angle of 360° alongside the flesh of the lemon until the juice is fully extracted.

Handheld reamers are cheap and affordable for those who are out of budget.

An All-in-One Citrus Juicer: Lemon Juicer and Extractor

Its features are almost similar to the one for a handheld juice extractor. The extractor is well approachable so you can work with it without any issue. It is very affordable and cheap to maintain. 

Feature and how it works

The juicer is less like the handheld reamer but it has in in-built strainer that holds seeds and pulp in a separate cup to hold the juice.

Put half juice fruit on top of the juicer. Exert all your force as you push the lemon into the juicer. Rotate the fruit to extract maximum lemon juice. This process may take you slightly longer than the other juicers.

Masticating Juicers: Juicer and Extractor

A Masticating Juicer as Known Cold Press Juicer.It’s used to chewing Foods and Vegetables.

Feature and how it works

The juicer is a bit slower and on the good side, it does not emit heat.

With this lemon juice extractor in your kitchen, you don’t need to peel off the lemon. This makes your work a bit easy.

The first thing you need to do before you start juicing is to cut the lemon into pieces.

Put the pieces in the trough. The juicer will simply crush the lemon pieces with an auger as it passes the trough. The outcome gives you fresh nutritious juice as the pulp is forced to a different container where it is collected.

This juicer is an interesting one as it uses gears rather than plates, but it is a perfect one. However this extractor is very slow so you need to give it time.

Centrifugal Juicer: Juicer and Blender

This type of juicer is an electric one and its work ability is propelled by a lot of power. It also has high speed which extracts the juice within a very short time.

Feature and how it works

This kind of juicer works like a blender. Its sharp blades and high-rotational-speed smash the lemon. This process makes the juice to freely flow very well. It is sold in two different types; one that you don’t need to peel the lemon because it has a separate place to hold the pulp. Another one does not have so you will have to peel off the skin. Before you start juicing slice the lemon into halves. Remove the plunger and push the half lemon into the trough. Press the switch and allow the juicer to rotate. As the speed rises higher smashing begins and you start seeing lemon slowly turns into juice. Continue adding lemon the same way for maximum extraction of juice.

The juicer though has some limitations that you need to be aware of. One of this being juicing the lemon continuously without rest makes the juicer to get warner. This is not fairly good to your juice as it destroys nutrient-enzyme contents in it.

However on the good side s that if you are in a hurry to catch a plane, train, a bus, or rushing to exercise this is the fastest juicer you ever need. Within 16 seconds you are done.

Portable 6 Blades 3D Juicer: How to Update a Blender

If you want to update your blender then Portable 3D juicer is the best. It is a portable and rechargeable type of juicer and well updated with six blades and 3D for excellent mixing.

Feature and how it works

The juicer is a package with an in-built 2000mAh.

Its powerful battery can even charge your laptop, phone, or any USB devices.

Before you start juicing kindly cut the lemon into thin slices probably 15 by 15 mm.

Add coconut water into the slices or even milk can work.

To release the cutting head of the juicer, adjust the unit at an angle of 45° or 180°

Before you start the switch button, make sure the machine is fully charged. Proceed to press the on button top proceed with the juicing process. Take time and relax until the head cutter fully rotates before adjusting back to the right position.

Sometimes the juicer stops itself, this is normal as you don’t have to worry. If you want to avoid this shake the juicer the operation and you will definitely get excellent results. The taste of the juice that you get depends on the stirring effect of time.

Juice Blender: How to use a Blender

Juice blender softens your fruits very well though the juice will be a bit thicker. Working with this may be a bit harder than the other juicers.

Feature and how it works

Cut the lemon into smaller pieces than the ones for the juicers.

Add them into the unit and start blending. The outcome will be thick juice.

There is a lot of fibre in thick juice which is best for your body.

But if you want less thick juice add water or coconut water as you blend.


Having the best juicers and blenders in your kitchen is the most awesome thing. Your work will just be that one of getting fresh lemons from the farm and start extracting juices from them. Getting blended juice from the supermarket may not be the best thing health-wise.

According to what has been discus up here is possible to have portable juicers and blenders that are cheap and easy to maintain. Plan yourself well and thinking of equipping your kitchen with the same.

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