How to Clean Omega Juicer

How to Clean Omega Juicer: Complete Guide and Tips

Now Discuss How to Clean Omega Juicer. Juicer is a very important theme for health-conscious people. To lose weight, to become fit and fine, everyone wants to have juice in their daily meal. A fresh glass of juice makes you convincingly. If you have a juicer, then you must keep it clean to get fresh and tasty juices.

To have a fresh glass of juice, you need a clean juicer. Without having a clean juicer, you cannot expect a full fresh glass of juice. If you keep your juicer neat and clean, then it will ensure your health benefit the most.

We often remain in in confusion that how we can clean our juicer. If you have a omega or other juicer, then this article is for you. Because today, we’re going to help you to giving simple tips about how to clean omega juicer and others also. So, continue reading this article.

Why should I clean my juicer?

Well, everything we use daily should be cleaned properly before the next use. Because if you don’t clean them properly after using them, then they will not work properly like before. So for the juicer, if you do not clean our juicer after use, then when will try to make juice with other ingredients, the test will not come properly and it will not be benefited for our health as well.

If we clean our juicer properly, then it will ensure a decent test of the juice we want. Most of us use a juicer in the morning and evening. It is a very essential tool for making juice from fruits and veggies which contains important vitamins and minerals for us. After juicing them, a few organic particles stay in the juicer. To remove them and to get neat and clean and fresh juice in the next use, we should clean it properly.

Cleaning a juicer is not so tough. You will find some simple steps below about cleaning your juicer properly.

Ingredients needed to clean omega juicer

After a juicer completes juicing, some amount of very small organic particles remains left in the juicer. The remaining organic particles can be harmful to the juicer for another use. So keeping it clean is very important. Before starting to clean the juicer, you need to have some basic tools. Such as:

  • A long handle dish scrubber
  • A narrow long nylon brush
  • A nail brush
  • Dry rice of salt
  • Some amount of baking soda
  • A little bit dish soap
  • And clean water.

Steps to How to Clean Omega Juicer

Step 1: Unplug the Juicer

First, think first. You need to keep the safety in your mind always. Before you start cleaning your juicer, you should unplug it from any electric source. If it is plugged into an electric source, then you won’t be able to clean it and it can cause an accident as well. So you have to unblock your juicer from any electric source and go to the next step.

Step 2: Disassemble your juicer

After you have unplugged your juicer, you have to try to disassemble it as much as you can. If you cannot disassemble your juicer properly, then you can search it by entering your juicer’s model number on the internet and get an instruction book. In the instruction book, you will find the process of disassembling your juicer. Then follow the steps given in the instruction book, you can disassemble your juicer properly. After doing it you can go to the next step.

Step 3: Rinse the parts

In this step, you have to dump the bean or the container first. Then you need to scrape it out by using a spatula. After you have done, take each of the pieces, and rinse them under running water. The flow of water will do the rest.

Step 4: Use the brushes

Now you have come to the next step. Now you should use small brushes for cleaning small areas of the pieces you have disassembled already. You can use a nail brush or an old toothbrush. If you find it not working properly, then you can go for some mini scrub brushes. Those mini scrub brushes are available in the online shop or can be found on the market as well. They are used to clean the crannies and nooks.

A little bit of dry rice or salt with a little amount of water can also be another option. This mixture will act as a scrubber that will swish it around properly.

You can put some amount of baking soda on a cloth and rub it on the pieces. This will work well. It will definitely clean properly.

Step 5: Try dish soap

If you want more detailed cleanings, you should feel the sink with water and put some amount of dish soap into it. After that, soak each of the pieces in the water for a few minutes and then wash them with a brush or a soft cloth.

The mesh strainer can quickly build up with juice debris and the pulp, so pay more attention to that part especially. You should not allow the juice particles to dry into the pieces, or it will cost you more time and attention to clean it properly.

Step 6: Wipe the pieces

After you have completed all 5 steps of cleaning, now you have to wipe the pieces will with a motorized sponge or a soft cloth.

After wiping down all the pieces properly, allow them to dry completely. For that, put the pieces on a dry cloth and keep it under a fan or a blowing source of air.

You can also put them on a towel or on the drying rack.

Step 7: Reassembling your juicer

This is the last step. After you have done with all those steps above, now you have to reassemble the parts of the juicer. To do so, you can also get help from the instruction book found on the internet before.

So, reassemble your juicer and you are now set for your next juicing experience.

Removing Tough Residue

We often keep our juicer unclean after using it. After juicing something, if you do not clean it properly, then the residue particles of fruits and veggies that remain in the juicer become dry and they also become difficult to remove. If you have put your juicer unclean and the residue has become dry already, then you have to follow the steps below to clean it properly. You can use a danger tablet or can put the parts into white vinegar, which will also work to remove residues.

You may need

  • A few denture tablets
  • Enzyme dish liquid
  • White vinegar
  • Milk
  • A spray bottle
  • A big bowl
  • A few amount of salt

Follow the steps below:

Step 1:

You need to unplug your juicer from the electric source to avoid accidents before starting the cleaning procedure. Then you may take the pieces and start cleaning with the methods mentioned above of regular cleaning of the juicer. You can use such a dish liquid that contains enzymes instead of using the regular dish liquid we use. You can use The Laundress or down ultra platinum dish liquid. These products have enzymes that work breaking down easily the built-up food.

Step 2:

After you are done with the first step, you will see some residue that still remains in the parts of the juicer. Now you have to come to the next step. Put the parts into a big bowl on in the sink. Then fill the sink with water so that they can be soaked. Put a couple of denture tablets into the water.

The tablets will fizz well with the water after a few minutes.

Step 3:

If you find the residue obstinate, then you can mix some sort of milk and white vinegar into the water in the sink or in the bowl.

It will help you to remove the residue easily. But if you don’t have both, then you can put either milk or white vinegar.

Step 4:

If you don’t have enough mixture that you can use for the juicer parts to soak, then you can put the mixture into a spray bottle and then spray it on the residue. The enzymes that remain in the milk should break down those residues. If you use white vinegar then the acid of the white vinegar will also work the same.

You can also use saltwater. All you have to do is warm a little water and put two or three teaspoons of salt into the water. Let the salt dissolve properly into the water or you can stir the mixture to have results quickly.

Keep the juicer parts into this mixture and wait for the time when the residues become softer to remove it

Additional Tips for you

  • We use the juicer every day but it becomes tedious to clean after regular use. So in the end we keep it back with other products into the cupboard. So, when you will purchase a juicer, you need to keep in mind that you have to clean it every day. So buy one that is easy to clean and won’t take much time.
  • If you can clean your juicer rapidly, then it would be the best thing for you and your juicer will also survive for a very long time. After Juicing something, you can easily wash away the pulps with warm water. But if you don’t wash it quickly after juicing, then the pulps and other organic particles become glued to the parts of the juicer and become difficult for you to clean it. If it doesn’t happen, then you will be able to clean your juicer in just two or three minutes.
  • Please don’t put your juicer parts for a long time into the water, if it has metal parts. Because if you do so, then those parts could rust easily. So, keep it in your mind.
  • If you use your juicer several times a day, then you don’t need proper cleaning every time. You just put the parts into warm water after each session of juicing and clean it properly after the last time you juice in a day.
  • Please don’t put the base of the juicer into the water or it will be damaged. It also can happen accidents because of water into the electronic parts.

Final Words

A juicer is like a friend to all of us. It’s a very essential tool for our daily life nowadays. So, we should pay enough attention to the cleanliness of the juicer and keep it neat and clean to get healthy juices from it daily. In order to have good results in juicing, we have to clean it properly after every session of juicing. At the end of the day, we will get a fresh glass of juice if we keep it clean and fresh. If you want to buy Omega Juicer Then Read this Content best Omega Juicers. Happy Reading.

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