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Do you know how to clean the Breville juicer? I know you are facing a lot of problems while doing it. Most people needed a juicer machine to grind the foods and vegetables to improve health and the immune system. On the other hand, the doctors also advised using juice in large quantities rather than dense food. So, the main question is to clean the juicer to reduce the number of germs. If we failed to clean the remainders in the cup, it directly affected the person’s health.

Do not worry about these problems, as I have collected useful information to clean the juicer parts within no time. After reading this content, you will remove all the hidden stains by using simple techniques rather than ones.

How to clean regular juicers?

It is effortless to clean the regular juicers in the market. One thing you must keep in mind that you do not require late to wash the cups. If you want to get a more significant result, wash the juicer’s soak after making juice. Clean all the pulp and other particles as soon as possible. Here are some beneficial tips for you.

  • After making the juice, you must unplug the juicer within no time.
  • Now, all the parts must be separate.
  • There will be pulp in the cup; remove it with a soft hand.
  • The rub can clean through the use of a spatula if needed.
  • Put all the tools of the juicer under the water to rinse.
  • You must have a small brush to erase the tiny components.
  • Most of the time, some of the lefty particles remained in the juicer. For this problem, add a lot of water to fill the cup and put in a required detergent amount. You must assure that whether all the deposit merged into the water or not?
  • After that, wash the entire inner side with a brush but do not forget to dry.
  • Now, attach all the parts to make the real shape of the juicer machine.

Five best to clean the Breville juicer

Here are the five easy tips to get the superior result of Breville juicer. For better understanding, please do not skip anyone.

  1. At the start of the process, separate all the tools, and put them into the half-gallon of water. Also, add the half cascade liquid detergent for some time. A lot of stains will on the inner side of the cup. Try to scrub it for a while to get the required result. I suggest to soak it at least one time in the whole month.
  2. One of the best and traditional ways to get a good result is the use of vinegar. All parts enter into the vinegar material for a night. If you add some olive oil, the complete result will convert. Take a soft cloth to clean the staining particles on the inner side.
  3. The third option to clean the juicer has consisted of soda and vinegar. Everyone knows that soda and vinegar played a vital role in cleaning anything. Take five-liter water in the sink and add one to the tenth part of the white vinegar into the solution. Only a hundred grams of soda, like a solute, must pour into the solvent. You have to clear that whether all the things dissolved or not. Now, wait for half an hour to get a meaningful result.  Take a brush to sweep the Breville juicer.
  4. The fourth method to clean the stains from the juicers is the baking soda technique. With the help of baking soda, all the colored stains will stay away many times. You have to make the solution of 16 oz of water (lukewarm) and put four tablespoon baking soda into it. After making this liquid, please do not shake it for a night. In the morning, wash all the parts with the use of soap. All the germs of stains and minerals will leave the place.
  5. In the final useful method, make a solution of water, vinegar, and lemon juice. Now, mix it for twelve hours there. Furthermore, you can also use some amount of alcohol to show the best clean output. It is the only choice to clean all the harmful particles in the juicer.

The method to clean the Mesh Screen

The presence of the folks in the juicer and filter created some problems to eliminate the stains there. We cannot make any juice without having a filter in the juicer. The filter is the central part to differentiate the juice and stains in the whole process. When you have completed the juicing process, the pulp is entrapped in the mesh filter, which is too hard to separate. So, there are many chances to create some diseases while using the same tools for next time.

Be hurry to separate all the juicer tools because if you are late, then the pulp will start to dry, which is not easy to pick out easily. We know that the wet pulp can remove by using a cloth piece or any other paper towel.

Take a lot of hot water to put into the jug and mix the 1/10th lemon juice. It will help to pick the trap pulp from the jug. The clogging over the juicer’s screen can also be erased through the additional lemon quantity. Furthermore, all the blocked holes can lose by lemon drops into the liquid.

I suggest using the nylon brush or toothbrush to clean the pulp in the juicer screen, which showed in front of you. If you face some problems, then put more hot water to rub and erase. Moreover, the pressure of the water must be high to cross the tiny holes in the juicer. If something still left, use some soap in warm water, then feel free to get the hundred percent result.

How to clean plastic parts

We do not forget to clean the juicer’s plastic parts because it is also an essential part. If you did not focus on it, then the artificial dyes may mix into the juice to create a lot of disease for you. While on the other hand, it is so simple to overcome it. Let’s follow the given points below.

You can quickly get rid of this discoloration problem if you wash the plastic surfaces just after use it. Furthermore, use ten percent lemon juice for better output. On the other hand, if you like to get the advantage of vinegar, it is also not a bad option. You have to soak the plastic parts in the entire night.

All the particles of carrot stain can pick or remove by adopting the method of water and bleach. Make a mixture of water and bleach and put it into the jug of the juicers. If you add the dishwashing detergent, then an impressive result will come in front of your eyes.

I have seen that the orange color over the plastic surfaces created a lot of headaches. There is not a big deal to clean it. You take a wet towel and pick out the stain of orange color. When you are satisfied that the whole work is done, put soap and water to complete it.


It is good to know the complete detail to clean the juicer but not forget to have information about some mandatory precautions. I have manipulated some valuable points for you.

  • If the juicer is made from any metal, then do not soak it for many hours. If you do it, then the outer layers of the juicer can damage or rusted.
  • You must keep in mind that the juicer’s inner part, like the motor, must up from the water. Us the wet towel if you need any time to clean those parts.
  • At the time of buying, your preference played a leading role. Buy a juicer from the market, which is easy to clean at any time. I want to ask to read all the instructions on the outer box for better understanding. Please do not use any chemical without checking the result of it.
  • Please do not use the very sharp appliance to rub; it created some scratcher over the surfaces. Moreover, you can lose precious juicer due to it.

Wrap up

I can assure you that you have picked a lot of knowledge about your goal. How to clean the Breville juicer is not a big task for you if you adopt the information which I have posted above. If you still have any question in your mind, you can go to internet browsing for more. Finally, please do not use any tool to clean the juicer without having a complete description of it. No one has much budget to buy juicers again and again because of much hiking prices.

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