Equip your Kitchen with the Best Juicers

Equip your Kitchen with the Best Juicers-Juicer Place

The outlook of your Kitchen is best in as far as juicing is a concern depends on the type of juicers available in your Kitchen. If you want your Kitchen to be best describe, then equip it with the best juicers.

One time recipe can be turned into a common weekly one full of favorite drinks by just purchasing the best juicers. Begin experiencing today for yourself.

The following are some of the best juicers for a different variety of food you may want.

a)Green Star Juicer

Green star machines are uncompromisingly the best juice extractors as well as fast food processors. Here is the best example of Green Star Juicer:

Tribest GSE-5000 Juicer for Leafy Greens

Its slow speed of 110 RPM ensures there is low oxidation during extraction. This prevents the destruction of enzyme content in your juice from vegetables, fruits, and greens.

Several components of this juicer are easy to assemble and clean. Thus this is a friendly machine you can have in your Kitchen. The other few cumbersome parts will be easy if only you follow the designer’s instructions.

Its stainless steel with bio-ceramic magnetic twin gears preserve living enzymes and vitamins, thus ensuring that freshest and juice of high quality is produced.


i) Complete Masticating System

Its two powerful gears allow the machine to exercise full mastication almost similar to that of human teeth.

It has pocket recesses for slicing and cutting, this is similar to human incisors and points to cut the cell membrane of the ingredients. This is the same as canines.

ii)Unique Technology 

Designed with unique magnetic bio-ceramic technology. This technology allows the machine to produce high nutritious content of the juice.

Magnetic force creates a magnetic field which rearranges water to flip-flop into minerals or vitamins. This maximizes juice extraction.

Kinetic produce is due to bio-ceramic material in the oscillating gears that produce infra-red light. This light stops oxidation and allows for the production of fresh juice.

The machine’s durability is due to stain-resistant nylon and stainless steel.

b)Best Juicers for Greens

Greens are the best nutrition in our bodies as it has a lot of nutritious value which improves our immune system. However, it has fewer juices in them. This makes it very hard to extract them. Below are some of the best juicer that maximizes the yielding of milk from greens.

Omega VRT 350 Slow Masticating Juicer; Juicer for Leafy Greens

Design with a speed of 80 RPM to maximize the extraction of juice from the leafy greens.


Its reverse functionality helps curb the blockage of juicers

It is to clean and maintain.

It extracts as much juice as you want from greens

It is well designed to eject pulp automatically, leaving you with fresh and pure juice.

Cuisinart CJE 1000 Die; Juicer for Leafy Greens

It is a centrifugal type of a juicer equipped with a powerful 100-watt motor.


Its components are dishwasher safe.

Design with 1000-watt to power the juicer as you extract juice from hard greens.

Equip with 5 buttons for different speeds for different content juicing.

Stainless steel which makes it durable and tough.

c) Wheat Grass Juicer 

Blending wheatgrass is not a good idea because a lot of pulp will be formed. But juicing it extracts maximum juice

If you are in a hurry and need of wheat juice, remove it using a juicer. Below is an example of wheat juicer

Jocuu Wheat Grass Juicing Machine: How to Clean the Juicer

Has choices of hard and soft ingredients

Its speed of 60 RPM, and 80 RPM (low and high) respectively. This creates low heat production, in the machine. This preserves nutrient-enzyme content in your juice.

With a long press button, you can reverse and ease the jam.

If you buy this machine you can earn yourself a two-year warranty

All internal components are dishwasher safe. Therefore washing is safe.

Before you wash, soak all dishwasher safe in soapy water. This is to remove all food components that stuck in blades. After which you can safely place them in the dishwasher.

d) Carrot Maker

Carrots contain nutritious content that boosts our immunity system, fights inflammation, and even terminal diseases like cancer.

How does the juicer work?

If you choose a centrifugal juicer, then you have the fastest juicer from which you can extract juice very fast. It is fitted with a high power motor to propel the cutting disc.

Ingredients are forced on stainless steel crushed and filtered to remove the juice.

Centrifugal juicer’s speed releases a lot of heat hence destroying living enzymes and vitamins in juice extraction.

Masticating juicers are the best despite the low rate.

The juicer crushes ingredients after passing through the feed chute.

Through its slow squeezing, carrot juice is separated from the pulp; you can then extract the liquid after it is filtered by the mesh.

Its revers functionality helps the juicer to undo the clog. Carrots are hard and can quickly get stuck in blades. This reverse function helps not to stop working.

Most carrot makers have cute dimensions for maximum extraction of juice

Examples of juice extractors are Omega Juicers NC900HDC, Bella 13696

Orange Juice Machine

Juices extracted from oranges directly are fresh and healthier, unlike those bought from supermarkets. The chemical preservatives added to them makes them more dangerous to our health. But if you have orange juicers, this act of purchasing juice from the supermarket will be long gone. Here is an example of an orange juicer.

Heavy Duty Restaurant Orange Juice plus Orange Crush Machine

It is a highly efficient machine you can use to extract juice from oranges. It can also apply for commercial purposes.


3-pin extractor which exerts maximum pressure with just a small effort

Its large openings on the base allow you to put large containers to fetch as much juice as you can.

Its cast-iron is coated with enamel finish to prevent rust and erosion, this enhances durability.

Separate perforated strainers of cone shape and funnel cup.


When you fully equip your Kitchen with all the necessary juicers, you will have minimal stress.

Your visit to the supermarket to buy juice will be long forgotten. Equip your Kitchen today, and you will never regret,

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