Juicer and Blender

Difference Between Juicer and Blender

Confusion normally crops up among consumers at different levels, who at some point would want to reduce the fruit and vegetable, bulk in their houses by converting them into a drink. Most often, they do not clearly understand which item to buy between a Juicer and Blender. For purposes of enlightenment, this article will discuss …

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lemon juice extractor

How to use a Lemon Juicer|JucerPlace

The lemon juice extractor is one of the most important ingredients in the kitchen after salt and paper. Its juice is the best invigorating and the best component you will need in the making of cocktails. Our bodies require lemon juice extractor so that our immune system improves strength to curb diseases. You can extract …

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Heavy Duty Blender|JucerPlace

Routinely, people will want to consume similar items but in different states. This calls for creativity on the conversion of what is available to what is needed. Blenders play an integral role in this. They are responsible for the preparation of juices and smoothies of all kinds. These blenders are of a variety. This article …

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Stainless Steel blenders

Stainless Steel Blender| JucerPlace

Why Stainless Steel Blenders are the most Preferred Have you ever wondered why stainless steel blenders are the most preferred?  Well, there exist different types of Blenders in the market all over the world. These differences are always in terms of the kind of materials used by manufacturers. As a result, those who want to …

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