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Everyone likes an amazing blender since it’s convenient to apply than a well-known blender.

Braun hand blender is the center of interest in every kitchen. It is a versatile, handy,and critical kitchen helper. It can blend, chop, whip, slice, or even knead the dough. Braun has completed an extremely good process of supplying nearly every different combination of attachments depending on an individual’s needs.

Braun hand blender parts

  • Beaker
  • Beater
  • Blade
  • Bowl
  • Shaft
  • Whisk


  • They are compact.
  • It takes up nearly no space.
  • It is small and fits simply about anywhere which makes it perfect for a tiny rental kitchen.
  • They are distinctly cheap.
  • They are versatile.
  • These blenders can accomplish lots greater than soup.
  • They are fast.
  • It takes the best 30 seconds to make a number of the recipes.


  • The energy cord is a little quick and the wall attachment is not that beneficial.
  • Has a problem with very hard food.

Braun hand blender recipe

Cream of tomato recipe

Roasted Acorn squash soup

Roasted butternut squash bisque

Easy cream of broccoli soup

10-minute salsa verde

Homemade hummus

Cauliflower cheese sauce

Chimichurri sauce

Raspberry vinaigrette

How to wash Braun hand blender

Unplug the equipment from the outlet. Remove the blender attachment. Immerse the attachment in hot water for a couple of minutes to loosen the meals debris.

Do the same with all of the accessories. Wipe the attachments with a wet smooth material after which rinse it with water. In case dry meal debris is still caught at the attachment then fill a bowl with warm water. Add one or two drops of detergents, immerse the blender in the bowl and switch it on. When it’s far easy, then eliminate the attachment again and location it on a dryer rack. The upper half of the blender can’t be run below water, wipe it with a wet cloth.

Finally, wipe the electric twine and coil it properly earlier than storing your blender.

Types of Braun hand blenders

  • Some of the famous Braun hand blenders include:
  • Braun hand blender multi quick7
  • Braun hand blender multi quick 5
  • Braun hand blender multi quick 9
  • Braun hand blender multi quick 7


Variable-speed four hundred Watt hand blender.

Includes motor/handle, mixing shaft, whisk, masher, 6-cup meals processor, and 20 fl. Oz. Beaker.

Ultra-tough stainless steel blades and bell-shaped blending shaft lesser sanction.

Splash control generation keeps substances for your pot, pan, or beaker.


Dimensions (overall): nine inches (H)*2.seventy five inches (W) * 2.seventy five inches (D)

Weight: 93 pounds

Appliance capabilities:

Blends, chops, whips, shredder, slices, mashes

Number of speeds: 10

Wattage output: 400 Watts

Material: Plastic

Care and cleaning: Dishwasher-secure parts

Braun hand blender multi short 5

With the Braun hand blender multi brief 5 you may have most blending control.

You also can get multiple possibilities concerning the preparation of your meal.

Vario-speed generation affords you with the fast, one-passed operation.

Has energy Bell Technology which blends food in a flash.

It has durable stainless-steel blades and a particular bell-shaped blending shaft for fast and finer effects.


  • Assembled height: 15 inches
  • Assembled length: 2.2 inches
  • Assembled weight: 1.59 Ib
  • Assembled width: 2.2 inches
  • Capacity range: under 1 L
  • Color finish: Black
  • Brand: Braun
  • Braun hand blender multi short 9
  • The Braun multi brief 9 hand blender is greater than an easy hand blender.
  • It has a massive meal processor attachment too, so it can carry out a whole lot of tasks.
  • It is a beneficial addition in your kitchen if you don’t have a food processor.
  • For safety, two buttons must be pressed straight away to make it start.
  • Has anti-slip rubber base on chopper and meals processor.


Has dishwasher-secure accessories.

It has plenty of useful attachments in case you don’t very own a food processor.

Produce good consequences in blending and pureeing tasks


The hand blender is heavy.

Mini chopper has a small capacity.

It is awkward to maintain each button pressed in right now.

Product description

  • Powerful 1000W motor.
  • Patented splash control technology.
  • Active blade generation.
  • 350ml chopper attachment.
  • Puree/masher accessory.
  • Power bell plus generation
  • Easily whips beats and stirs eggs.


Braun hand blenders are a fine blender.  They cut through difficult and gentle substances quickly. They also lessen the quantity of suction when blending.  It has high precision and durability. If you like experimenting with new wholesome recipes, check out on Braun hand blender.

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