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Hello guys! We are talking about the one installment of the Blender bottle Essentials series. The series will be going on each essential Blender bottle item into detail. This week we are looking at blender bottles, which are vital items of Blender bottle. These Bottles are different from regular water bottles because they come with plastic or wire balls that mix up additives to your water.

Whether you are competing for gold at the Olympics, Blender Bottle’s innovative and premium products help you maintain proper nutrition and hydration every step of the way. You can mix up the toughest protein and meal replacement powders with the Blender Bottle Classic 28 oz. Shaker with a loop top. Add a banana or a little ice-cream mix in it. Blender Bottle has covered whatever you are craving.

  • The Shaker Bottle is 100% leak proof.
  •  This shaker is phthalate and BPA free.
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Get the best shaker bottle on the market.

Blender Bottle color of the month

The Blender Bottle brand is the most popular blender bottle company and there are many options. You can see other sellers because they also Co-brand with other brands, whose bottles display the Blender Bottle logo on their caps. Blender Bottle displays the color of the month on their website which they sell limited and new color Bottle. For May, you can get a Bottle, Tropic like it’s Hot in 28 oz size for only 10$.

blender bottle color of the month

Mini Blender Bottle

The excellent Blender Bottle brand also offers smaller sizes of products like this 20 oz bottle. Personally, I prefer small size because I can easily tote it and fit into my purse. I also find the perfect size to stack and fit in my cabinets and with JUST enough water mix powders. As well you can find countless colors. This one is for just 9$ from Amazon.

Mini Blender Bottle with grip   

As well here is another mini option at 20 oz. The difference of this bottle lies in its shape, but also the twist cap and rubber grip. The twisted cap is Leak proof and the grip and shape make the bottle to handle easily.

Large options

This Blender Bottle Pro has 32 oz of liquid and then its smaller counterparts look a lot sleeker. The BPA free plastic is durable and the spout is wider for easy pours of powder. The plastic is also odor and stain-resistant. Its rounded bottom is another difference, which allows a better mix and reaches all areas of the bottle.

blender bottle color of the month

Inspirational Quotes and Graphics options

Now we have looked at the various styles and sizes of blender bottles. There are countless colors of blender bottles for purchase across the internet, but just if you need a little more, something that makes you working out or look forward to using your Bottle.

Dream big

The little bottle is called dream big, but it also reminds us that how we can reach our goals, work healthy, never give up, eat healthily, and be happy.


The superhero will do the trick to kick your motivation into gear, maybe taking along a token of your favorites. If nothing else, your favorite character will be always fun.

Food and fitness

All the yummy food I am going to eat right after the gym did not motivate me. Keep your workout focused on a funny bottle Reward like this.

Stacks on Stacks

You get the motivational inspiration and the stacks with these bottles. These bottles are 22 oz without the attachments. These bottles stalk comes with a small container on the bottom that locks and twists into place.

Whenever you will mix them in, this will be perfect to carry your additives around with the bottle. You can tote your pre work out, BCAAs, protein powder, etc. The kit also comes with a ‘pill organizer’ which is an additional attachment.

blender bottle color of the month

You can keep medicine or vitamins here. This variation comes with a blender bottle of 28 oz and separate portable and stackable containers for various powders. For easy portability, the containers are separate from the bottle but twist and lock on top of each other with this package.

Blender Bottle special edition

Now Blender bottle brings you a special limited edition bottle. And once they are gone, this special bottle will not be available for long. Get your special edition Blender Bottle of 28 oz classic.

Blender bottle color of the month

You can get Blender Bottle of the month club. You can use it easily Blender Bottle of the month. The Blender Bottle of the month club will not be available long. You should purchase it and save it.

Blender Bottle military discount

Don’t miss this opportunity to save big at E bay. Save and shop with this offer. Get 15% off on Blender Bottle items+ free Pep. Once you checkout surrounded yourself with a world of happiness.

Free Blender Bottle

You can shop a Blender Bottle on eBay. This is a new e bay. E bay has a great discount on every item.

Lilac Blender Bottle

From their special color of the month series of Blender Bottle, this awesome Lilac design is suitable and soft for spring. The ball for the perfect super-smooth shake contains the patented Blender Bottle. It is offering a lifetime guarantee. Grab yourself for a Blender Bottle on their bulletproof design.

blender bottle color of the month


There are described above many types of Blender Bottle. All types are good. But the small size bottle is the best Blender Bottle because everyone can place it into his/her bag. When anyone is going for Gym, he can take with him a mini Blender Bottle easily. If you have a mini Blender Bottle, you can use it easily and take it with you at every place where you want. Here you have also known about other types of Blender Bottles. These blender bottles are different from other water bottles. Everyone wants to take it. You also buy it on a discount on eBay.

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