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Best Omega Juicer Reviews 2020 | For Fruit And Vegetable

The Best Omega Juicers Available in the Market

There is a jot Omega juicer & Blender In the Market. Here discuss the best Omega Juicer in The market available. Juicers are gadgets that squeeze the juice out of fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients. They come in different designs. The difference in the brands is due to the existing manufacturing firms. However, they all perform similar functions. As much as their functioning is similar, there are notable variations in the output. This article will highlight the best available designs of omega juicers. Their features and benefits will be discussed in detail.

Omega-J8006 Juicer

This juicer is ideal for commercial production of all types of juices. They are made of materials that withstand high pressure. This is based on the fact that crushing and squeezing ingredients much power. The design is unique and properly tailored toward specific consumer needs.

Key Features of Omega-J8006 Juicer

They have automatic pulp ejection systems.

As juice is squeezed out of the ingredients, the remnants are disposed of automatically. The automatic removal of remnants from the gadget provides room for continuous production. At no time will production stop for purposes of refuse removal. This ensures that the quantities produced are huge.

They have a perfect base with four stabilising feet.

The feet are fixed in such a way that they fully support the machine. Machine stability is important during all operations. A stable machine provides ample time for effective production. Instances of falling down are reduced significantly. Notably, work is done in the best way possible.

In addition, the end caps of the Omega J806 are adjustable.

They can be adjusted in five different ways. This provides for proper monitoring and regulation of crushing and squeezing rates. If there is a need to squeeze everything dry and harvest every single drop, then this is the most ideal tool to use. Nothing is left to chance. Everything is done precisely and perfectly well.

They have powerful dual motors for effective functioning.

Motors are the basic units of juicers. They are responsible for the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. Powerful motors transform energy faster and do the best work. The performance is even better when one machine uses two different motors like for this case. The amount of work done per unit time is doubled.

Basically, inputs are processed slowly when this model of juicer is put into work. The average speed is about 80 Rpm. This speed is very important. It allows every bit of the raw materials to be squeezed to realise finer outputs. On the other hand, it necessitates less production of heat which allows to most enzymes thrive and remain alive. When enzymes are alive, the taste of the final product is much better. Its nutritional value is also very high.

Subsequently, they are properly fitted with visible output screens. This allows for monitoring and evaluation of outputs. It also provides room for estimations of the amounts of ingredients required. By this, future activities can be predetermined. Therefore, defined production schedules are developed in advance and key ingredients are acquired.

Benefits of using the machine

The use of the Omega-J8006 is the preparation of butter juices and baby juices is advantageous. Some of the benefits that come with this are;

Production of delicious juices

Juices that are generated by these gadgets are very sweet. The delicacy comes from the fact that they works slowly. Therefore, enzymes are not destroyed in the process. The available live enzymes in the product give it the best taste.

Generation of long-lasting drinks

Whatever is produced stays for long periods of time without going bad. This is due to the availability of live enzymes. The live enzymes maintain the freshness of the drink. This makes it possible for it to remain in a consumable state for longer durations.

Production of highly nutritious drinks

The nutritional value of the end product is unmatched. Most of the nutrients are not oxidized since there is less production of heat during processing. Little heat production is as a result of the slow movement of the gadget.

A lot of juice can be produced at ago

Quantities produced are slightly higher as compared to other models. This happens due to the uniqueness of their pressers. They have very powerful pressers.      They are categorically designed to squeeze entirely everything out of the available fruits and vegetables.

Usage guaranties improved body immunity

Since most of the protective protein get to the body lively, they act as body guards against diseases. The body will be able to fight infections properly. Those who consume such end products rarely get sick. Enjoyment of this feature is guaranteed at 100% once you purchase the product.


  • Works to crush a variety of ingredients
  • The end product justifies the price
  • Easy to be prepared for use in the next session.


  • The machine has a relatively small feeding chute
  • Chances of clogging are high

Omega-J8004 juicers

Omega is a famous brand in the juicer Industry. This type of blender has got no huge differences with the Omega-I8006 Blender. If anything, most of the features are similar. These ones too have the following features;

Their processing speed is 80 Rpm. This speed is slightly slower but very convenient. It is suitable for production of cold juices. Cold juices are believed to contain a lot of ingredients in their fresh form. Such ingredients are what the body requires in their best form possible.

They have very powerful motors. The motors have enough power that is seriously needed for functioning. This enables them to crush anything that is made available to them. Proper crushing results into finer products. If it is meant for use commercially, most buyers will prefer this type of juice. This will definitely boost your sales.

A servicing guarantee is provided by dealers at the point of purchase. Most of them offer a 15 years guarantee at the minimum. This is a provision for repairs of the machine any time it gets faulty within this time bracket. This one in itself eliminates worry among users. They are then able to fully focus on production activities.

Consequently, they are made of auger materials which are 8 times stronger than others. This strength enables them to remain intact regardless of work done. On top of that, it enhances their durability thus serving for long. Increased durability serves its users most appropriately.

It has been built to allow for a reverse operation. These operations are important for correcting anomalies in the course of production. If production stops abruptly, it is easy to do reversals and point out the source of the problem. Once identified, the problem is solved. The machine is then allowed to move in its usual direction.

Benefits of Omega-J8004 Juicers

Provisions for repair and maintenance for a period of 15 years

The warranty that is provided is very unique on its own. Apart from being too long, it clearly points out the producers are confident with their products. Accepting to take responsibility on whatever happens for such a lengthy duration points out to limited chances of breakdown. However, if any uncertainties come in between, manufacturing firms are able to sort them out.

Production of huge quantities of juice

They produce large quantities of juice as compared to other designs. This feature is attributed to the fact that they have powerful compresses systems. Pressers which are available do not take chances. They work around the clock to get everything out of the raw materials.

Processing is done slowly

Slow processing is very important. The amount of heat that is generated when production is slow is negligible. This allows production to take place at temperatures which allow the survival of important nutrients.  When nutrients are not distorted, they are highly nutritious and they serve their purposes well.

Availability of powerful motors

Powerful motors boost confidence in the amount of work that will be done. Operators go to work with fixed minds. They are set to produce specified amounts. This is because, they sure that there will be no disruption in the course of work.


  • Made of strong and durable materials
  • Provision for repairs and maintenance by dealers
  • Gives yields of high quality


  • Putting up the parts proves to be difficult since they are not named.
  • Difficult to do the cleaning.

Omega-NC900HDC Juicers

This design of Omega juicers was built uniquely to favour mass production. Its unique nature favours the realisation of the course.  The features are super although the principle behind its functioning remains the same. Some of the notable features are;

The accompaniment with the 15 years warranty period is also here. Just like in others, there is a similar warranty provision for this.  Costs for damages are all catered for by dealers. However, this is only possible for the specified period of time. Thereafter, individual owners take over the responsibility. This grace period is too long and allows buyers to maximise their usage before they can start to incur any extra expenses.

They are designed to have two masticating centres. Masticating centres refers to where crushing and squeezing is done. Having double squeezing zones means that double work is done. Huge outputs are realised contrary to those with single masticating centres.

Furthermore, they have end caps which can be adjusted. The adjustments can be done more than five times. This provides room for increased outputs. The amounts to be generated are preset before or during the processing. Adjustments allow for increased working.

In addition, they have large sizes of feed chutes. This is where the individual ingredients for squeezing are placed. Their sizes create room for huge quantities of the inputs to be accommodated. This would then mean that time that is normally wasted during subsequent change over will be saved. More time will be dedicated for processing and production.

Benefits of using the Gadget

Some of the benefits that come with the usage of this type of these juicers are;

Ease of use

Most of them are easy to fix up. In addition, they come with procedure manuals which give guidance on how to use. The manuals do have other customer care contacts. In case of any technical hitches, the support systems are easily reached out for help.

They are strong than others

They are made from very heavy metals. Therefore, most of them are very strong. This strength gives them the ability to withstand pressures and forces of varying amounts. The feature allows them to serve the purpose for significant durations of time.

Availability of a reliable warranty

 The guarantee for servicing them is very important. Fears associated with immediate breakdown after purchases are dealt with on the spot. Those whose are interested acquire them with a confirmation that nothing will go wrong in the near future.

Presence of huge feed chutes

Huge feed chutes eliminate the need to do the feeding regularly. Large amount of commodities to be processed are loaded once and for all. With this, recognizable amount of time will be saved. Production will be very effective and efficient.

Ease of Cleaning

It is prudent to clean juicers after use. Cleaning ensures that all preparations are done in a friendly environment. The commodity can be dissembled easily and its individual parts cleaned. After they are all clean, they can then be dried and assembled back. After this important exercise, they are ready for use again.


  • Serves it purpose for a long period of time.
  • It is easy to dissemble and assemble for purposes of cleaning.
  • Can be used to accomplish many tasks.


  • Very expensive as compared to all others

Omega-VRT 350 Juicers

These juicers are designed slightly different from the rest. Although their working is similar, they have some features which are unique to them. Some other features are however shared across. Some of them are;

Operating at a slow speed of 80Rpm. Just like the rest, the omega-VRT350 move at a slow speed. The speed promotes proper processing of the materials. Final outputs are of high quality in terms of their composition and taste.

The presence of dual stage masticating centres is unique characteristic. These centres are responsible for crushing and squeezing juice out of the initial products. It is worthwhile noting that productivity increases with the increase in the number of masticating centres.

Furthermore, they are fitted with pushers. The main function of a pusher is to push ingredients into the juicer.  They ensure that every available space in the feed chutes is occupied. Before the machine is switched on, the pusher works hard to ensure that enough has been loaded for pressing. This enhances maximum utilisation of these gadgets in the process of production.

Interestingly, it has two-64 ounce containers. One container is meant to receive juice in the course of pressing.  The other container receives pulp as a waste product. This feature allows production to continue nonstop. At no point in time will the process come to a halt just because the final products are not well separated.

It has the capacity to self clean. It is designed in such a way that water can be poured through the feed chutes and cleaning is done properly. This is an outstanding quality among all other types. Effective self cleaning takes a short period of time.  Workers can then concentrate on doing other duties while self cleaning is ongoing.

Benefits Omega-VRT350 Juicers

Due to their uniqueness, a lot of merits follow them. Some of the benefits that follow the acquisition of this commodity are;

The ability to fix problems while production is ongoing

While the machine is working, there is room to fix the arising challenges. The errors can be fixed because there are three stops. You can switch the machine off, switch it on or put it in a reverse mode. The most appropriate action to be taken is dictated by the situation at hand.

A lot of time is saved

Time is an important factor in production. If it is properly managed, chances are high that the outputs will be devoid of impurities. These juicers are fitted with collection containers. The containers do the collection right away when the machine is switched on. There is no point in time where time will be wasted while trying to locate where to dispose end products.

More ingredients can be processed at ago

Due to the availability of pushers, more materials can be pushed into the system. The system is so powerful that it presses what is availed. In this case, more products are processed compared to those that lack pushers.

High yields are realized

The availability of double masticating stages is amazing.  The first stage does the squeezing and pushes the resulting pulp to the next squeezing chamber. Here, the pulp is further processed to release everything else that remained. This means that productivity is notably high when Omega-VRT350 juicers are put into use.


  • Relatively cheap basing on the available feature
  • Reduced wastage during production


  • Chances of the machine getting clogged is high
  • Hard to do the cleaning

Omega-NC800 Juicers

This one does not have any conspicuous differences with what other types have had.  Most of its features are similar to the rest. Some notable features include;

Possession of end caps which can be adjusted. Just like in all other juicers, the adjustments are present to favour mass production. When all factors remain constant and the end cap is twisted accordingly, then the rate of production is raised. Much more is then realised.

Their motors are strong and poised to move slowly. The slow movement is a feature that cuts across all omega juicers. This quality ensures that there is no mass production of heat during processing. Less heat upholds the integrity of nutrients which are present. The end result is that the resulting juice can be stored for reasonably long periods of time without getting bad.

In addition, they have automatic pulp ejection areas. The manner in which pulp is gotten rid off matters a lot in any production. If there is no organised way of getting rid of them, more time will be wasted in between. Significant disruptions will occur all along. However, in a system where this is automatic, nothing is halted. Production goes on uninterrupted.

There is less prepping time. Prepping involves packaging of raw items into the feed chutes. From the fact that this machines have huge feed chutes, less time is used in setting them up. Processing of reasonable quantities are done. The amount of time that is spent in the preparation goes down remarkably.

The grace period provide by manufacturers for free servicing remains to be 15 years.  Users enjoy the product for a whooping 15 years without being worried of what may happen next. In case of anything, suppliers are contacted.  They then do everything within their means to ensure that the lost functions are restored.

Benefits of Omega-NC800 Juicers

Based on their features, their benefits are as follows:

Generation of healthy juice

Juice that is produced is considered healthy since all the nutrients are fresh. Their freshness is attributed to the reduced speed of processing. A slow processing speed sustains an enabling environment for the nutrients. This allows them to remain healthy for the body.

Delicious outputs

In comparison with juicers of other makes, this one produces juice with the best taste. Many reasons are thought to facilitate this. One among them being that there is no serious destruction of its constituent components.

A lot of time is saved

In all production activities, time is a resource that must be observed. This should not be looked down upon when acquiring kitchen or home appliances. Proper appliances are made in a way that they perform their intended functions properly. Omega-NC800 Juicers have powerful motors and large feed chutes for this reason.

Continuity in production

The principle of mass production calls for minimum disruptions. This is the principle that governed the development of this brand of the omega juicer. Availability of automatic pulp ejectors and large chutes play such a role. They ensure that production does not stop at any point.


  • Release large quantities of juice
  • Long guarantees for repair by the manufacturing companies


  • Slower rates of production in comparison to other types

Omega-J8005 Juicers

This brand has its own uniqueness that makes it favoured among other brands. Apart from performing basic squeezing, they have other important roles.  At some point, they are used as food processors. They convert various food items into edible forms.  They also serve as grinders for various products. Some if its features are;

A uniquely 10 year warranty is offered. Contrary to the rest of the omega juicers which have warranty duration of 15 years, this one has 10 years.  Manufacturing firms are liable for a period not exceeding 10 years. After this period elapses, all responsibilities shift to the users.

They do multiple tasks. Apart from the usual extraction of juice from fruits and vegetables, these juicers have other roles. They at times serve as food processors. At other times, they serve as grinders. This makes them a top priority for individuals who intend to use them for multiple activities.

Automatic pulp ejection systems and dual masticating stages are pronounced features here. Their main target is to save time. Saving time in this case means that a lot of production takes place within the available time. In a nutshell, the best is realised within the shortest period of time.

Just like the rest in this category, their processing speed is slower. A slow processing speed has been associated with quality. Healthy drinks which are rich in nutrients are produced. However, this characteristic is very common and cuts across all omega juicers.

Benefits of Omega-J8005

Production of highly nutritious products

This happens as a result of favourable production temperatures. Slow motor movement is the greatest contributor.

No foaming and clogging

Chances of gadget breakdown are very minimal. If they become faulty by chance, the error is fixed quickly and work continues as scheduled. There is no room for sluggishness.

No building up of heat

The speed with which the machine moves with contributes to this. Since the movement is slow, less heat is generated.  The rate at which this is produced does not allow further build ups. This ensures that all goes on well.

High outputs

With this design, high yields are assured. Automatic ejectors ensure continuous production. At the same time, there are double masticating stages. They help in squeezing everything out. Coupling this two, it is evident that much work is done.  The amount of work done is directly proportional to what is made available as the final product.


  • Produces high yields
  • Chances of clogging are limited
  • Used to do multiple tasks
  • Their outputs are highly nutritious


  • Increased chances of breakdown when used regularly and differently
  • Cleaning is challenging with the different ingredients


Finally, it is fair enough to say that omega juicers offer the best. Their final products are of high quality. Those with plans of buying juicers are very lucky. With this information, they can land on the best available market deals. This will be very beneficial to them. They will serve their target groups with the best commodities.

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